As an entrepreneur in the fruit business you have been successful. You are producing for the international market in e.g. Europe and the United States for some years already. Retailers, traders and consumers expect that your products meet the high standards within the food industry.

And today you are facing new market challenges. The global demand for fruit and vegetables has increased. And consumers are more aware about how their daily choices affect social and environmental conditions of thousands of workers. Publicity surrounding problematic working conditions have increased consumers’ interest in knowing where the products come from and under what conditions they have been produced.

More than ever there is an urgent need to work towards sustainability and good agricultural practices throughout the sector. SIZA1 has therefore developed a standard, to support the business to improve product quality, food safety and working conditions.

For you these new developments can be seen as an opportunity, but as a threat as well.

Not meeting the standard could mean a loss of market share. And poor working conditions or labour relations truly harm the business. How do you meet the new market challenges, how do you contribute to sustainable production, how do you empower workers, how do you manage change.

As one of SIZA’s certified Training Service Providers we are happy to support you with the development of the business, the management and the workers.

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